Head Boy's Message

Welcome to the world of R.S.Global School well as I am appointed a Head Boy of the School. I am very happy that the school authority has appointed me only head boy of R.S. Global. I know that it’s very responsible post which is given me. I will try my best to maintain this post and all the rules and regulation of this post.
I have to play many different – different role in the School regarding maintains of rule, regulation manner and discipline of the school. Whatever I do. I do all the things in a group . This school has appointed many different-different batch holders at different –different post whose duties are also different. In a group we do may works for the welfare or up-gradation of the school as well as the students.
The role of a Head Boy are:-
1. To maintain the rule, peace and discipline of the School.
2. I also do many reforms in School routine.
3. Every morning during the prayer one Student of one particular class reate a good though about discipline and news as well as new word meanings.
Saurab Yadav
Head Boy