Fee Rules

1. The school session starts from April and ends in March.
2. Tuition fees are payable for twelve months and transport fees from the current month in which they have taken admis-sion.
3. All the students must have to deposit 12 Month fee (April – March) whether they have taken admission in any month.
4. Last date to deposit the fees is 30th of every month. A fine of Rs.50 per month will be charged from next month.
5. Those who will be defaulter of more than two months, their name will be struck off from the school without any prior information.
6. For re-admitting your ward, you have to pay Rs.200 as Re-admission Fee.
7. Defaulters will not be allowed to appear in the examination and their result cards/answer sheets will not be shown until all the dues of the school are cleared.
8. Fees once paid will not be refunded in any circumstances.
9. Transport Fee may increase at any point of a session. May & June Transport Fee will be charged from everyone.