The School has well equipped
• Science Lab
• Maths Lab
• Computer Lab
• Audio Visual Room
• Library
• Conference Hall
• Dance Room
• Music Room
Well trained instructors are available to trained and guide students in above laboratories to gain practical knowledge.

Beyond Academics
R.S. Global School requires its students to participate in various school activities. Moreover, every student is required to play at least one team sport, during the year.
In addition to competitive athletics, other sports include, cricket, football, basketball, bad-minton, table tennis, equestrian, art, dance, music, drama and yoga.
Students with a demonstrated passion in an area outside our usual platform are allowed to specialise or may design a program, provided it meets the school policy criteria. Across all our programs, we encourage student involvement, growth, and teamwork. All this spells an active and bustling student body.
Activities And Creative Expression
Music and dance is an integral part of the curriculum where our students have the oppor-tunity to pursue instrumental and vocal music and/or any dance form.
Theater And Dramatics
Students are encouraged to develop their public speaking and dramatic skills through elo-cution, debates, school plays and theatre.
Art And Craft
To bring out creativity, curiosity and the power of imagination, students shall participate in a host of art and craft projects, explore their creative talents through a variety of mediums that include clay, fabric, sand, paint, paper etc…
Journalism And Photography
Students are enabled to acquire basic skills in reporting, interviewing, editing and photo-graphy.
School Events
Parents and other members of the community are invited to witness a host of events showcasing the diverse talents of our students that feature regularly in our school calendar.
Residential life helps the school community recognise the uniqueness of each individual and enables its members to synergise in an enriching manner. Boarders grow in self – reliance and develop independent living skills in stimulated surroundings. They learn to identify and respond to their own needs to feed for themselves and to collaborate with each other. They develop a spirit of camaraderie in an atmosphere of openness and learn to take responsibility for their own decisions.
SIS students will get the opportunity to cultivate Indian culture as well as grow sensitive to the manners and students from different states and countries.
Medical Facility
A fully equipped infirmary is set up to provide medical care. Besides we have a capable Doctor as Dr. Anwar who is very prolific in his field just nearby in the Mansoorabad market for an emergency. Apart from it A medical camp is organised yearly in our campus by expert Doctors of Allahabad.